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SR Nano-Beam Analysis Center for Green/Nano-technologies

The SR Nano-Beam Analysis Center for Green/Nano-technologies is one of the satellite centers of the "Low-carbon research network" which has been created through the 2009 Supplementary Budget of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the scope of "Challenge toward Environment and Energy Technology" which is part of the "Groundwork for Strategy for Growth".


This center establishes a satellite of the advanced nano-scale analysis platform that provides SR analysis technology for nano-materials at the atomic, molecular, and electron levels. The Center promotes the use of a high brilliance X-ray nano-beam related to Green/Nano-technologies by applying the most advanced analytical methods.

Research Plans and Directions

Research Plans and Directions

Strategies and Methods for solving problems:

Atomic and molecular structural/electronic/compositional analysis and control at the nano-scale level are essential to the advancement of Green/Nano-technologies. Advanced analytical tools using SR, combined with the nano-scale downsized probe beam, offer excellent solutions for analysis and control.

Original and Unique Technologies:

The world brightest synchrotron radiation facility, SPring-8, offers unique capabilities of advanced measurement technologies by fully utilizing stable nano-scale x-ray beams.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Contributions to the development of new energy sources:
    materials research and functional analysis for Lithium batteries, fuel cells, solar devices, etc.
  2. Contributions to the development of energy saving materials:
    R&D on light weight structural materials such as frontier polymers
  3. Contributions to the reduction of greenhouse gases:
    search for animals, plants, and new materials for future greenhouse technologies.

Main Open Facilities

Using Open Facilities

The above facilities are public beamlines and available to users. Any user whose application is accepted may use the facility.

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